Dynamic HPC milling with the Horn DS system

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding its portfolio of DS-type solid carbide end mills with a new high-performance geometry. This system has been specially designed for use in HPC (high-performance cutting) milling of high-strength steels at high material removal rates. It particularly excels in... Read more

Tool and Mould Making Medal of Honour 2021 for Lothar Horn

The Tool and Mould Making Medal of Honour is an award that has been presented to deserving personalities in the industry at the exhibitors evening since the beginning of Moulding Expo. It is given to pioneers and visionaries who have made groundbreaking predictions for the industry and... Read more

Expansion for slot milling and slot cutting

With its expansions to the tool range for slot milling and slot cutting, Paul Horn GmbH is responding to the requirements of users. Horn now offers the cutter body of the M310 milling system with an internal coolant supply. This increases the service life of the indexable inserts and... Read more

Update on the COVID-19 situation

Hereby we inform you, that: the delivery of our tools and products is not affected by COVID-19;our suppliers may be affected, but we are pursuing a multi-supplier strategy and can therefore react accordingly to possible cases - in addition, we have adapted our warehousing to the... Read more

117 form drilling system

With the latest development of the 117 form drilling system, Paul Horn GmbH now offers the option to drill into solid material. The profiled tools provide economic advantages in series production and make it possible to reduce tool costs for large-diameter holes. Horn provides the... Read more

New geometry for finishing grooves

Paul Horn GmbH is proud to present FB geometry, a solution for finishing grooves. By standardising the special cutting geometry, Horn is responding to users’ requests for even better surface quality on the flanks and at the base of a groove or recess. This geometry has already been in... Read more

HORN at METAV digital 2021

METAV digital 2021 takes place from 23 to 26 March. Read more

Drilling and countersinking in carbide

Paul Horn GmbH is proud to present DDHM, its CVD diamond-tipped tool system for cost-effective drilling and countersinking of carbides and sintered ceramics with a hardness of up to 3,000 HV. With the launch of this drilling system, Horn is further expanding its range of products for... Read more

Expertise in pipe and sleeve machining

Paul Horn GmbH has succeeded in winning over the world's leading manufacturers of machine tools for pipe and sleeve production, as well as end users, through the continuous development of customer-focused tool solutions. The tool manufacturer is able create cost-effective machining... Read more

New parting off geometry for high feed rates

For parting off at high feed rates, Horn is introducing the EH geometry, a new development based on the S100 grooving system. The stable cutting edge enables feed rates in the range f = 0.25-0.4 mm/rev during grooving and parting off and thus a reduction in machining time for those... Read more

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