Printed coolant attachments

Paul Horn GmbH offers additively manufactured coolant discs to suit customer requirements, facilitating reliable chip control during high-performance reaming. When reaming through-holes or deep blind holes, standard solutions often reach their technical limits. Long-chipping materials... Read more

Tangential milling system M610

High accuracy and surface quality Read more

New coating IG 35

High heat resistance Read more

Supermini HP and new holder variants

Versatile application Read more

Parting off along the Y axis

Efficient grooving using high cutting parameters Read more

Skiving of large gear modules

Gear teeth from module 3 without the need for special gear cutting machines. Read more

New insert clamping system for Supermini

Horn has developed a new toolholder for its Supermini type 105 grooving and boring tools. In the new design, the process for clamping the carbide insert uses a tensioning wedge on the face rather than the circumference of the tool, as was previously the case. This enables the insert to... Read more

Economic advantages in series production

Turning with form tools allows customers to benefit from economic advantages in series production. Horn offers customised carbide form inserts based on the 117 tool system for machining diameters from 16 mm upwards on turning and mill-turn centres. The patented, precision insert seat... Read more

Milling instead of polishing

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding its tool range for brilliant-finish milling. The monocrystalline diamond-tipped (MCD) ball nose end mills are intended for machining non-ferrous materials in the tool and mould making industries. Milling with MCD-tipped tools saves on polishing processes... Read more

Expansion of the N117 broaching system

Horn presents a new and enhanced version of an existing product in the form of its N117 internally cooled broaching system. The new tool holders allow coolant to flow through the insert seat as well as to the side of it for optimised cooling during broaching. In addition, the... Read more

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