The HORN Academy introduces itself

The HORN Academy is designed and implemented to upgrade the skills and knowledge base of its own personnel and provide a range of educational opportunities from single seminars to degree level qualifications.

In addition to training our industrial mechanics we provide an expanded range of advanced retraining, and additional study opportunities covering a variety of disciplines. These will be provided from within and in cooperation with external agencies including the Chamber of Commerce and the DHBW Horb.

Another area of HORN Academy are the technology seminar programs that we have offered for some time now at irregular intervals established in this framework.

The success of a company depends largely on the expertise from its employees. Education and training play a central role today in times of shortage of skilled workers, and therefore we are right here in the responsibility. Not least is our wider responsibility for the region in which we are firmly integrated as a company.

Situations change and we must continually acquire new skills. So let's benefit from each other.

This is common progress.

Lothar Horn

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