New products at the AMB 2016

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New products at the AMB 2016

High-tech machining solutions
with more propulsive force

Start with high-tech machining solutions. HORN innovations make it possible to reach ambitious goals in the aerospace industry more reliably, more consistently and with greater productivity.

Micro-precision with extended tool life: The new Supermini® generation

All new: substrate, micro-geometry and coating. The type 105 high-performance Supermini® significantly increases tool life.

New products from HORN

Supermini 105

With coating EG35

The Supermini® from HORN gets new high-performance versions.


System 64T

New six-tooth cutter 64T with brand-new high-performance coating extends the system family of type S34T.

HORN turbo whirling

The newly developed Horn turbo whirling process optimises machining during thread whirling and increases cost-effectiveness.

Combining strengths

Sales cooperation Horn and Boehlerit. Horn will be able to build on its leading position as a supplier of tools for technically demanding applications.

Universal steel machining

HORN expands its range to the ISO grooving program and to the milling program from Boehlerit.

DR small

High performance reaming
Ø 7,600 - 13,100 mm

Smallest patented quickchange reaming system in the world.

Tangential milling 409

HORN’s patented range of highly successful tangential milling tools are to be supplemented with the introduction of new face, corner, screw-in and end mills.

DS Titan range

HORN has developed an impressive array of special tools for machining titanium materials with polished cutting edges and
optimized geometry.

Modular threading die

HORN’s modular die for pipe threads (patent pending), which is available in sizes of G¾ and G1 inch, is an easy swap system.

Multi-spindle tools

Working with Index and Schütte multi-spindle lathes HORN offers the modular base carrier systems type 968 and 969 with interfaces of type 842 and 840.

Tool system type 262

The new 262 tool system has been specially developed for cam-controlled lathes, with indexable inserts for holders with 6x6 and 8x8 mm cross-section.

Indexable insert S315

The new narrow triple-edge- cutting insert for the 315 type grooving system features a range of chip geometries for grooving widths of less than 2 mm.

Modular thread whirling system

Efficient and cost-effective way to produce single and multi-start external threads and profiles.

System DS

The HORN Portfolio of solid carbide end mills of the series DS has been extended for dynamic trochoidal milling.


The through coolant grooving insert S100 is available in cutting widths 2,5 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm, extended by chip geometry „.3V“ grade HP65.

Face grooving 25A

HORN has enhanced the cutting width and diameter of the tried-and-tested 25A axial grooving system with cartridges and round shanks.

Modular grooving systems

With internal cooling. Selection of basic toolholder for turrets with BMT connections, based on standard machine types.

Gear machining up to module 30

HORN offers integrated tool systems from module 0.5 to module 30.