DR small
High performance reaming

DR small High performance reaming Ø 7,600 - 13,100 mm

The HORN product range includes the smallest patented quickchange reaming system in the world. The four system sizes offer diameters ranging from 7.600 mm (0.2992") to 13.100 mm (0.5157"). The system allows the reaming cutters in the machine to be changed quickly and easily with maximum repeat accuracy.

The high degree of flexibility in terms of cutting materials, and cutting edge and shank systems means that a vast array of applications are catered for. DR small cuts the costs per bore hole substantially, increases productivity and reduces logistics costs thanks to the easy swap system, which does away with the need for regrinding work. The high-precision point between the shank and exchangeable head features keys and slots with compensation for overdimensioning. It enables a high level of force transmission to be achieved with a changeover precision of less than 5 μm (0.0001969"). The indexable inserts are held in place by a central clamping screw. Steel or carbide shanks are available in different versions for through holes or blind holes. The main difference between these lies in the type of internal coolant supply.

DR small, the revolutionary system for reaming small diameters, is a cost-effective alternative to solid carbide reamers.

INFO 17/16: DR small High performance reaming