Gear machining

up to module 30

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Gear machining up to module 30

With the expansion of the gear milling systems up to module 30, we offer integrated tool systems from module 0.5 to  module 30. The gear range includes milling spur gears, milling shaft/hub connections, broaching internal toothing, milling worm shafts and milling customer-specific gear profiles.

Depending on the module size (DIN 3972, basic rack profile 1), there are various milling systems for the area of application:

  • Up to module 3: Inserts of type 606 to 636 (also as triple cutters)
  • Up to module 4: M279 milling system single-row and two-row for wide profiles
  • The new M121 milling system up to module 6
  • From module 7: Different systems for high feed milling

The high feed milling process will be used for roughing operations from module 7. For finishing with solid carbide emills the copy milling process will be used. Broaching toothing, both for internal and external toothing in various toothing sizes, is covered by the type 105 and type 110 Supermini®, plus type S117 and type 315 tool systems.

Carrying out preliminary and final broaching work using just one insert significantly shortens cycle times.

INFO 11/15: Gear machining up to module 30