Modular grooving systems

Modular grooving systems with internal cooling

The modular grooving system from HORN for grooving cartridges based on the systems interface 845 and 842 consists of:

  • - Basic toolholder for turrets with BMT / MAZ connection or VDI holder for turrets and star turrets
  • - Basic toolholder for millturn centres
  • - Matching cartridge range with different grooving widths and grooving depths

The modular system kit has a selection of basic toolholder for turrets with BMT connections, based on standard machine types. Alternatively VDI basic holders and basic toolholders for millturn centres are available in various sizes. The matching grooving toolholders with integrated coolant supply allow the cartridge heights to be adjusted and their fastenings to be set in a normal or overhead position, on the left or on the right of the grooving toolholder.

The cartridge systems with system interface 845 and 842 serves as the holder for the S100, S101 and S224 grooving insert systems with a range of geometries and substrates. Grooving widths of 1.2 mm - 4 mm are available with grooving depths up to 55 mm. The cartridges are equipped with an integrated coolant supply in versions for clamping finger and support cooling.

INFO 2/16: Modular grooving systems