Modular threading die

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Modular threading die

HORN’s modular die for pipe threads (patent pending), which is available in sizes of G¾ and G1 inch, is an easy swap system consisting of one basic holder and individual inserts. In the event of wear, all you have to do is replace the inserts in the basic holder, thereby eliminating the regrinding work that would normally be required. The solid carbide cutting rings that used to be required for cutting pipe threads weighed around 275 g for a size of R¾ inch. By contrast, the weight of the carbide for the cutting inserts on the new system is just 23 g. This also means that expensive raw materials can be handled with particular care.

The basic holder has the same dimensions as the solid carbide cutting rings and so fits into the existing body. The secure wedge-type clamping system for the cutting inserts and the self-contained holders, which are made from tool steel and offer excellent strength and damping characteristics, have improved tool life and productivity considerably for customers.

When the tools reach the end of their life, it is no longer necessary to replace the entire die; instead, all you have to do is change the cutting edges inserts. If one or more of the cutting edges becomes damaged, you can replace each of the relevant parts individually, which reduces costs significantly. Tough requirements are imposed on the tool cutting edge when machining new grades of brass with little or no lead content in accordance with EU Directive 98/83 EC. On all the grades tested so far, the machining results achieved by the modular die have been very good.

INFO 12/16: Modular threading die