Multi-spindle tools

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Multi-spindle tools

Working with Index and Schütte multi-spindle lathes in mind and partnering with Ernst Graf GmbH, HORN has developed the modular base carrier systems type 968 and 969 with interfaces of type 842 and 840. For Index multi-spindle lathes, there is the system type 968 for cassettes of the type 842. This means that all common cassettes of this type fit in the height-adjustable basic adapters.

There is the option of feeding in the coolant on the basic holder via the machine-side interface or from an external location, while a stop plate makes it possible to change the workpiece length. The stop plate is secured to prevent it twisting. The base carriers are secured on the machine using a prism and clamping claws. Tools for back end machining round off the range. The tools are available with 4 basic holders type BGT and height-adjustable cassettes type BKT with adapters for HORN Supermini, cassettes with cylindrical adapters for 8, 10 and 12 mm diameters, cassettes with collet chucks ER11 and ER20 as well as cassettes with ISO VC and DC inserts.

The system type 969 has been designed for Schütte. This includes a basic adapter for internal cooling, with a polygon shank as well as height-adjustable brackets with interfaces type 842 and 840 and for 16x16 square shanks. The brackets are positioned using gear teeth, in a way that prevents them from twisting. A reliable transfer of cooling lubricant is guaranteed. All cassettes type 842 fit in the new brackets. What's more, there are new cassettes type 840 for restricted spaces with internal cooling for S100. S101 and S224 inserts in cutting widths of 2.5, 3 and 4 mm, as well as cassettes with internal cooling for S274 inserts.

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