S100 (with IC and 3V/EN)

The through coolant grooving insert S100 is available in cutting widths 2,5 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm.

The S100 is compatible with our square shank holders 16 x 16 mm and 20 x 20 mm with through coolant supply and direct coolant supply through the VDI holders and cartridges with coolant interface of 842, in both left and right hand execution.

The coolant supply is applied directly to the cutting edge, thus ensuring optimum cutting conditions. The funnel-shaped nozzle creates a coolant jet, which supports chip forming and thus reduces the chance of chip build-up. Furthermore, this type of internal cooling largely prevents the formation of build-up edges and break-outs on the cutting edge.

Unlike conventional cooling methods, this system therefore achieves higher cutting parameters, which allow the tool to be used more economically and effectively. Where hard-to-cut materials in particular are concerned, the AS45 carbide grade and the „.EN" geometry shape with chip former also permit good chip flow with long tool lives and reliability, even with long engagement times and at high temperatures.

The insert S100 with chip geometry „.3V“ grade HP65 is specifically designed for grooving and parting off, stainless steel materials.

INFO 7/15: S100 (with IC and 3V/EN)