Supermini 105

Supermini 105 with new coating EG35

The advanced Supermini: Frequently imitated but never matched

Some new high-performance versions of Horn’s 105 Supermini are set to be unveiled at AMB 2016. Featuring a new coating, a new substrate and a new microgeometry, this equipment will set new standards for boring out holes of between 0.2 mm (0.0079") and 6.8 mm (0.2677"). By introducing this equipment, Horn are responding to the wishes of its customers who are having to contend with higher and higher percentages of stainless/high-alloy/inhomogeneous steels and want to accelerate their throughput. Suitable for hole diameters of between 0.2 mm (0.0079") and 6.8 mm (0.2677"), the 105 Supermini tool system offers more than 1500 cutting insert versions for many different machining tasks. It truly shines in a whole range of applications for boring out, grooving, chamfering, part-off reparation threading, axial grooving, finish-boring, face turning and broaching right down to the smallest of diameters. Its existing range of uses (machining of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, hard and exotic alloy materials and machining of small and miniature parts with a special microgeometry) is now being extended by introducing high-performance versions for faster machining of demanding steel grades such as stainless and high-alloy steels as well as those that are inhomogeneous to varying degrees.

Significant increase in tool life

Comparisons with existing substrates and coatings were carried out in the context of extensive trials and these demonstrated that the new solution resulted improving in a tool life that on existing data. Once secure in this knowledge, Horn made the “high-performance Supermini” available to customers for testing. The documented results of customer trials show that the new EG35 grade is improved: when used on Co28Cr6Mo0,2C with a strength of 1000 N/mm², the tool life was 60 per cent better. In the case of 11SMN30+C, the tool life increased by more than 100 per cent and with 40CrMoV13-9 the increase was even greater compared to competitors inserts.



INFO 10/16