Tool system type 262

Tool system type 262

The new 262 tool system has been specially developed by HORN for cam-controlled lathes, with indexable inserts for holders with 6x6 and 8x8 mm cross-section. The hard-milled insert seat ensures excellent stability, the ground contact surfaces of the indexable inserts ensure exceptional precision and two fastening screws ensure stable clamping. The system allows the centre height, width and length to be positioned precisely. A lateral insert seat offers maximum freedom when designing the cutting edge.

21 different cutting edge shapes are available as standard:

  • for grooving with a width of 0.8 mm or more
  • for grooving and longitudinal turning with a width of 0.8 mm or more
  • for longitudinal turning: forwards and backwards
  • and for face turning

Maximum grooving depths of up to 7.5 mm can be achieved with grooving widths of 2 mm. The sharp abrasive indexable inserts are ideal for the smallest of components with high precision. With its high degree of hardness and layer adhesion, the new EG35 grade boasts outstanding properties for the machining of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous heavy metals. A goldcoloured cover layer makes it easier to detect wear.

INFO 1/16: Tool system type 262