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EMO 2017

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New Products EMO 2017

Tool systems for gear skiving

6/17: For the high-productivity manufacturing of internal gear teeth, splines and other internal profiles.

S64T precision sintered insert

7/17: Six cutting edged precision tool with several chipbreaker geometries and new coating EG5.

DA62 Milling system

5/17: New precision-sintered 6-edged inserts DA62 for corner, face and plunge milling.

Tooling system for aluminium wheel machining

Adaptor VDI, cassettes, toolholders and inserts for working cast or forged aluminum wheels.

DD solid carbide drills

14/17: Two geometrical variants for applications in steel and stainless steel in the diameters 4.0 mm to 18.0 mm.

Grooving blade with internal cooling

8/17: Six blades with cutting widths of 2.5 / 3 and 4 mm are available for universal use with small batch sizes.

Machining sintered carbide

22/17: Drilling, turning, milling and grooving tools with CVD-D tips enable accurate contour machining in the μm range and provide substatial cost advantages with increased manufacturing flexibility.

DA32 insert with diamond tip

10/17: A special geometry for fiber-reinforced plastics in conjunction with CVD-D allows outstanding results during shoulder, face, plunge and circular milling.

Insert type 315, CBN-tipped

9/17: The latest expansion of the 315 grooving system for processing ferrous materials is available in cutting widths of 1 to 3 mm.

Targeted cooling at the cutting edge

11/17: New tool holders for ISO inserts with connections for internal coolant supply from Boehlerit with toggle clamp (ISO-P) and screw clamp systems (ISO-S).

Extension to range of face milling cutters and shoulder mills

13/17: The ZETAtec 90N arbour milling cutters features diameters from 50 to 160 mm for long- or short-chipping materials.

Extension to range of face milling cutters and shoulder mills

12/17: The ETAtec 45P arbour milling cutters features diameters from 50 to 160 mm for long- or short-chipping materials.

High-performance DR reaming system

18/17: The patented DR reaming system with its uncoated or coated reamers for H7 bores and bores of 52 to 100 mm diameter is now available from stock.

EG3/EG5 for Mini, Supermini and 312

21/17: The new coatings EG3 and EG5 improve the tool life of materials that are extremely difficult to machine, especially for small and miniature parts.

Toodle high speed spindles for DS milling cutters

15/17: High-precision milling of a wide range of materials from 0.1 to 3 mm diameter thanks to numerous versions with various geometries, coatings and carbide substrates.

DCG thread milling cutter for M1 to M2.5

16/17: Enhancement of the application possibilities in reliable thread milling of hard-to-cut materials thanks to extremely sharp cutting edges and optimized coating.

Finishing end mills DS

17/17: DS multi-cutter from diameter 2.0 to 20.0 mm and machining depth 2x to 4x diameter (sharp-edged) or with corner radius 0.2 to 1.0 mm.

25A axial grooving system with extended working range

19/17: New applications thanks to increased range for insertion diameters from 50 to 80 mm.

Internal grooving with the 209 and 216 systems

20/17: New grooving systems for the internal machining of bores with a diameter ≥ 16 mm (209) and ≥ 20 mm (216) as well as a groove depth of up to 7.5 mm and cutting widths of 2 to 6 mm.