DA32 insert
with diamond tip

A special geometry for fiber-reinforced plastics
in conjunction with CVD-D allows outstanding results during
shoulder, face, plunge and circular milling.

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DA32 insert with diamond tip

At the EMO trade fair, HORN's proven DA32 milling system will be on show with diamond-tipped inserts for the first time. This feature allows the tools to achieve outstanding results during shoulder milling, face milling, plunge milling and circular milling. The highly positive geometry of the inserts ensures a particularly smooth cut. This keeps the stress exerted on the workpiece and the tool to a minimum. As a result, a long tool life and virtually burr-free machining are guaranteed – particularly when it comes to long-chipping materials. The wide finishing radius creates the very best standards of surface quality, even at high feed rates. The coolant supply reliably ensures targeted cooling of the cutting edges as well as safe removal of the chips away from the working zone.

Thanks to the special geometry for fibre-reinforced plastics, combined with the hardness and wear resistance of the CVD thick-film diamond cutting material, outstanding levels of performance are achieved. Tried-and-tested HORN diamond substrates guarantee that the cutting edges – produced using state-of-the-art laser technology – are able to work efficiently. All this, combined with the exceptional rigidity of the quenched and tempered steel as well as the wear-resistant TiN coating of the various tool holders, is what really makes the benefits of the DA system come into their own. The cutter head, screwed shank milling cutter and the end mill in the DA32 system are available in cutting edge diameters from 20 mm to 63 mm and with between two and six DA32 inserts.