EG3/EG5 for Mini, Supermini and 312

The new coatings EG3 and EG5 improve
the tool life of materials that are extremely difficult to
machine, especially for small and miniature parts.

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EG3/EG5 for Supermini, Mini and 312

Materials that are extremely difficult to machine can pose a significant manufacturing and financial challenge to cutting tools – particularly when it comes to small and miniature parts. To address the needs of these applications – in which tools from the Supermini product series machine holes with diameters from 0.2 mm – HORN has developed the EG3 and EG5 coatings.

The distinction between the two types rests in their substrates and layer thickness and they make it possible to achieve an extremely smooth layer – reducing the amount of heat that is transferred to the tool, and the cutting edge in particular, thanks to significantly lower friction. A golden wear layer provides a coating for improved wear detection.

The new coatings have been developed for the Supermini, Mini and 312 tool systems. Supermini is primarily used for boring and grooving of hole diameters ≥ 0.2 mm. The Mini tool system comes into play in similar processes, but for hole diameters starting from 6.0 mm. The triple-edged inserts of the 312 system are also used for grooving and parting off, as well as for external machining and similar machining processes involving hole diameters from 46 mm.