Machining sintered carbide

Drilling, turning, milling and grooving tools
with CVD-D tips enable accurate contour machining
in the μm range and provide substatial cost advantages
with increased manufacturing flexibility.

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Machining sintered carbide

Drilling, grooving, turning and milling features and contours in sintered carbide – without pre-treatment or subsequent treatment – is not possible with standard tool concepts available on the market. For such applications, CVD-D-tipped tools offer real advantages. Their geometrically defined cutting edges are adapted to the particular machining tasks – from extremely sharp and rounded, all the way up to positive and negative chamfers. Thanks to the flawless and geometrically optimised cutting edges, the CVD-D diamond can be used for anything from roughing to fine finishing. As the tools enable accurate contour machining in the μm range, they offer substantial cost advantages along with increased manufacturing flexibility compared to grinding and eroding processes, for example. In terms of roughness, polishability and corrosion behaviour, the surface structure is also superior, or at least equivalent, to that achieved by these two methods.

At EMO Hannover, HORN is showcasing newly developed turning and milling tools for this application under the slogan “Carbide machining”.

CVD-D diamond tools for milling:

  •  DSKM micro ball nose end mill
  •  DSK ball nose end mill
  •  DSTM micro torus cutter
  •  DST torus cutter
  •  DSTV multi-tooth cutter

All two-edged milling tools can also be used for drilling into solid material