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Mechanical machining of pipes and couplings for the crude oil and gas industries

Crude oil is one of the most important and most widely used raw materials, particularly as a raw material in the chemical industry and as a fuel for transport and for generating energy. Due to the huge importance of crude oil, the crude oil industry is the largest in the world.

Special applications require special tools and technologies. HORN offers innovative system solutions for the oil and gas industries, which are tailored precisely to our customers' requirements – new manufacturing strategies for higher process reliability, considerably longer tool life and significantly reduced machining cycle times, and we ensure that everything is practical, and above all reliable.

Innovative system solutions from HORN include tools for pipe end machining seamlessly hot-rolled or welded steel pipes, for turning, peeling the cone, seal seat machining and thread cutting on API and premium connections.

The HORN product range provides tool solutions for highperformance thread-cutting machines for API and premium feed pipes (tubing), casing dimensions and sleeve screw connections.