Precision sintered insert S64T

Six cutting edged precision tool with several
chipbreaker geometries and new coating EG5

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The S64T insert with chipbreaker geometry is an evolution of the S64T insert that was unveiled at AMB 2016. In addition to the more extensive working range it offers, this precision tool with six cutting edges features a range of chipbreaker geometries and the new EG5 coating. Thanks to this coating, as well as the carbide substrate, the new insert is able to machine any kind of steel.

The new series of precision-sintered six-edged tools with ground inserts comprises a number of variants with different cutting widths. The S64T type enables groove depths of up to 5.5 mm. Four tools with the .1A geometry are designed for grooving and parting off, while four with the .DL geometry are designed for grooving, parting off and simple longitudinal turning operations. The excellent chip control demonstrated by the chipbreaker geometries ensures outstanding surface quality on the groove flanks and the straight main cutting edge creates a clean groove base. Designed as neutral inserts, they can be clamped on either a left or a right hand square holder with internal cooling. Holder dimensions of 16 mm x 16 mm, 20 mm x 20 mm and 25 mm x 25 mm are available. A single clamping screw fastens the insert precisely and securely in place in the central pocket.