Internal grooving with the 209 and 216 systems

At retraction distances up to 50 mm, a groove depth of max. 7.5 mm can be achieved. Key elements of both systems include tool hold-ers with internal cooling and twoedged indexable inserts with cutting widths of 2 to 6 mm. The robust shank with elliptical cross-section of the boring bar neck ensures excellent damping properties. The g6-quality shanks are available from stock in a left-hand or right-hand design.

The coolant jet exits both from a nozzle in the clamping finger and from the side of the tool holder. The two coolant jets cool the cutting zone effectively and remove chips from the inside of the tool in a controlled, efficient manner. Made from the AS45 substrate, the precision-sintered, two-edged indexable inserts with cutting edge widths of 2 mm to 6 mm are provided in the geometries .5 / .1A and .KF for medium-strength materials. All three geometries prove their worth thanks to excellent chip control and targeted chip breakage even with long-chipping materials.