Through the JET-Whirling process, HORN is demonstrating its expertise in the area of thread whirling. As part of a collaboration with W&F Werkzeugtechnik in Großbettlingen, experts from both companies have jointly developed a whirling system with an internal coolant supply. By cooling the cutting edges directly, this system enables long tool life to be achieved. What’s more, when used in conjunction with the stable whirling unit, the system achieves better surface quality on the workpiece. Thanks to the patented W&F interface with its face-and-taper contact system the whirling head boasts high changeover accuracy and is easy to change with just three screws. The internal coolant supply reduces the risk of chip build-up between the cutting inserts. 

It takes less than a minute to change the whirling head on the whirling unit interface, which offers radial and axial run-out of 0.003 mm  (0.0001"). The maximum speed is 8,000 rpm. The whirling heads are available with type S302 triple-edged indexable inserts or with type 271 double-edged inserts. The cutting edges are available with diameters of 6 mm (0.246"), 9 mm (0.354") and 12 mm (0.472"). The interfaces for adapting the whirling unit are available for all standard Swiss-type lathes.