Long tool life and greater flexibility for the 64T grooving system

The new IG35 coating offers high hardness and low coefficient of friction.
The new cartridge clamping system for the S64T insert offers increased flexibility on turning and milling centres and enables users to further adapt Horn's modular system.

Horn has developed the new IG35 coating for economical machining of stainless steels. Based on the latest technology, this new coating offers high hardness and a low coefficient of friction. Due to the thicker coating required when machining stainless steels, standard types based on aluminium titanium nitride (AlTiN) are not always the most economical solution. Use of state-of-the-art coating technologies increases the hardness and lowers the friction. As a result, IG35 demonstrates significant advantages when machining stainless steels, reducing the risk of built-up edges and offering longer tool life. Compared with existing coatings, IG35 came out on top in wide-ranging tests, with tool life doubled or even tripled in some cases. A copper-coloured top layer helps to improve wear detection.

Horn is also expanding its existing tooling systems and is now offering new solutions for its S64T grooving system tool holders. In addition to square shanks in various designs, users can now also clamp the six-edged indexable insert in cartridges. These are available from stock in a variety of cutting widths for the insert seat. The clamping cartridges are used in particular with HSK holders and the 960 modular system offered by Horn. The tried-and-tested S64T grooving system is available in a variety of cutting widths. The system can easily be adapted to different machining tasks using various standard chipbreaker geometries. The insert is available with a variety of coatings including the new IG35 variety.