M610 side milling cutter

With the launch of its M610 system, Horn is offering the first ever six-edged tangentially screwed indexable insert

The M610 tangential milling system developed by Paul Horn GmbH is the first ever six-edged tangential milling insert for a side milling cutter. The patented system offers positive cutting and axial rake angles for a particularly soft cut. The precision-ground indexable inserts ensure a high level of accuracy and result in excellent surface quality. The additional free-formed surface chamfer on the cutting edge creates a stable wedge. In turn, this results in a smooth milling process and helps extend tool life. The surface treatment applied to the milling cutter body makes it very hard and strong, ensuring long-term protection against abrasive chips. At AMB 2018, Horn will be presenting the first ever side milling cutter version of the M610 system. In doing so, the tool manufacturer is taking the next step in reducing the tool costs per cutting edge and is helping its customers to achieve productive milling processes.

Horn offers the tool system in the following versions. The first has a cutting diameter of 100 mm (3.937") and five effective inserts in cut. The ten type 610 inserts are screwed onto the left and right-hand sides. The second version offers a cutting diameter of 125 mm (4.921") and six effective inserts in cut, i.e. twelve inserts screwed onto the left- and right-hand sides. On both versions, the cutting width is 16 mm (0.630") and the maximum groove milling depth is 34.5 mm (1.358"). The indexable inserts are available with corner radii of 0.4 mm (0.016") and 0.8 mm (0.315"). For the substrate, HORN has opted for the proven AS4B. The main body versions are available from stock as a side milling cutter with bore or as an arbour milling cutter.