New tool holders for the Tornos MultiSwiss

The extended tooling system for Tornos MultiSwiss machines offers greater flexibility as well as an additional tool station for back end machining.

Horn is expanding its modular tooling system for Tornos multi-spindle machines in the MultiSwiss series, enabling users to carry out turning, grooving and contour turning operations in machining positions one to five or one to seven. This flexible tool positioning is made possible by the tooling system's modular design. The internal or customised coolant supply guarantees direct cooling at the point of cutting. Horn has also developed a special cartridge to hold Supermini type 105 tools in the pick-up position. Specially designed for the MultiSwiss 6x16, this cartridge enables users to increase the number of tools for back end machining from two to three. To round off its tooling range, Horn is now offering a modular parting-off system for positions six or eight. The tool holders and the inserts in various substrate types are standardised and available from stock.