Printed coolant attachments

Paul Horn GmbH offers additively manufactured coolant discs to suit customer requirements, facilitating reliable chip control during high-performance reaming. When reaming through-holes or deep blind holes, standard solutions often reach their technical limits. Long-chipping materials and materials that are difficult to cut make it necessary to modify the tool system as well as the internal coolant supply. With its 3D-printed coolant disc, Horn has developed a solution to this problem that can be screwed on to the tool shank. This results in extended tool life due to the direct, targeted cooling and, above all, reliable chip removal. Additive manufacturing technology enables the coolant outlets to be designed freely. The form of the outlets prevents chips from entering. Furthermore, the cross-section and exit angle of the cooling channel can be adapted to suit the specific machining task and the material to be processed.

The tool shank facilitates the removal of chips from the machining zone thanks to its polished and coated flutes. The coolant supply reduces the channel cross-sections, resulting in an increased coolant flow rate without any pressure loss. The tool system can be converted for blind hole cooling, shoulder cooling, or combined shoulder and blind hole cooling. The combination of the solid carbide reaming insert, the tool shank and the 3D-printed coolant discs demonstrates Horn’s expertise in machining of drill holes and reaffirms the company’s status as a problem solver and technology leader.