Tangential milling system M610

Horn is continually developing the M610 tangential milling system. In addition to the side milling cutter, the range is being extended to include a 90-degree shoulder mill and new carbide grades. The patented tool system ensures a soft cut with positive radial and axial rake angles. The precision-ground indexable inserts provide six usable cutting edges for high accuracy and high surface quality. The additional flank chamfer ensures a stable wedge angle and very smooth milling. A special surface treatment protects the tool body against abrasive chips.

The six cutting edges per indexable insert mean low cost per edge. Horn provides inserts with substrates AS46, IG35 and NE2B in right and left hand versions as well as with corner radii of 0.4 mm (0.0157") or 0.8 mm (0.0315") for machining different materials. The maximum cutting depth is ap = 9.9 mm (0.389"). The tool bodies are available in the following cutting diameters: 50 mm (1.969") (z = 5), 63 mm (2.480") (z = 6), 80 mm  (3.149") (z = 8), 100 mm  (3.149") (z = 10) and 125 mm (4.921") (z = 12).