Targeted cooling at the cutting edge

The new tool holders are available with toggle clamp (ISO-P) and screw clamp (ISO-S) systems.

Boehlerit’s new tool holders with connections for internal coolant supply are available with a toggle clamp system (P) and screw clamp system (S). The P tool holders are suitable for all ISO indexable inserts. There are no loose parts and only a few spare parts are required, making them easier to handle. The indexable inserts can be clamped quickly and safely. As no disruptive set-up is needed, unobstructed chip flow is guaranteed.

The S tool holders also enable the insert to be secured simply and safely. In this case, a cone-shaped positioning screw is used. Here too, the chip flow is not compromised and a maximum of three spare parts are needed. In both cases, the coolant is supplied at the back of the shank end as standard or from below the head as an option.