Toodle high-speed spindles for DS milling cutters

With this addition, users do not just benefit from the advantages of these world-renowned spindles – in particular, they can reap the rewards of combining them with the solid carbide milling cutters from HORN's DS series. More than 600 DS milling cutters with cutting edge diameters of between 0.1 and 3 mm can be supplied with a premounted Toodle spindle within one week. The milling cutters can be adapted to meet specific requirements more than simply in terms of their diameter. Thanks to the numerous versions with various geometries, coatings and carbide substrates, the tool best suited to the job can be selected for machining nonferrous metals, steels, hardened steels, titanium alloys as well as other hardto- cut materials.

The TB131 and TB131-90 models, which are turbine driven with cooling lubricant at 10 to 60 bar, achieve speeds of between 40,000 and 75,000 rpm. The turbine of the TG131 model is driven with compressed air at 3 to 7 bar and is designed for speeds of between 35,000 and 60,000 rpm. For special tasks, the milling cutters, bearings and drive can be adapted to the particular requirements.

Common features of the high-speed spindles include low purchase costs, simple mounting, consistently high concentricity – the DS milling cutters impress with a concentricity of 0.005 mm – as well as a long service life. The spindles can also be used with a stationary machine spindle. In rotating applications, the machine spindle is pressurised with minimal force as it is driven with coolant or compressed air.

The high-speed spindles can be clamped with ease in standard tool holders, such as hydraulic expansion chucks, collet chucks and Weldon shank adapters, as well as in boring bar holders. h5 or h6 tool shanks with diameters of 3 / 4 and 6 mm can be clamped. With these and further product features, high-speed spindles and milling tools are available that play a key role when performing complete machining tasks on turning or milling centres, even at low machine spindle speeds.