Update on the COVID 19 situation

We are continuing to implement extensive internal measures to ensure that our ability to supply is not impaired. As part of the preventive measures we have taken, you can still reach your contacts via the usual channels. Registered customers can also purchase our products via our... Read more

Current information regarding COVID-19

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the associated supply risks, Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH operates an active risk management system. We would like to inform you about the current situation at HORN. Our ability to supply is currently not affected by COVID-19. We... Read more

S224 face grooving system

Paul Horn GmbH in Tübingen has expanded its range of face grooving products. To accommodate axial grooving operations with diameters ranging from 38 mm to 1,000 mm (1.496" to 39.370"), Horn is now offering new holder variants for the S224 grooving system. The tool manufacturer is... Read more

Grooving System 32T

Paul Horn GmbH has developed the new 32T system for use on Swiss-type lathes and for grooving and parting off on smaller fixed-head lathes. The tool manufacturer is expanding the tool system by introducing versions for threading, grooving and longitudinal turning as well as for full... Read more

Tangential milling system 409

Paul Horn GmbH has extended the 409 tangential milling cutter system to include a precision-sintered indexable insert. The sintered insert with roughing geometry offers a cost-effective alternative to the ground version. The geometry includes a circumferential protective chamfer to... Read more

The 304 circular milling system

Paul Horn GmbH has extended its range of products for circular interpolation milling to enable the productive machining of holes with diameters of 8 mm (0.315")or more. With its triple-edged 304 milling system, the tool manufacturer is offering a versatile solution for groove milling,... Read more

Targeted chipbreaking

Paul Horn GmbH has extended the 108 and 114 Mini systems by adding a new GM threading geometry that is suitable for turning ISO metric internal threads in partial and full profile. The chipbreaker geometry enables the production of short chips, even with long-chipping materials and... Read more

Boehlerit expands 3D milling system

Paul Horn GmbH presents the Boehlerit 3D milling system expansion for the tool and mould making industry. The ISO 00P, RHOMBItec, BALLtec and TORROtec systems cover all relevant machining operations for the 3D milling market segment. The ISO 00P is a universal tool system for general... Read more

Milling system 406 with wiper geometry

Paul Horn GmbH has extended the 406 tangential milling cutter system to include an insert with wiper geometry for finishing. The new insert has been developed in response to demand from Horn’s customers, reflecting the fact that surface quality requirements are constantly increasing.... Read more

Printed coolant attachments

Paul Horn GmbH offers additively manufactured coolant discs to suit customer requirements, facilitating reliable chip control during high-performance reaming. When reaming through-holes or deep blind holes, standard solutions often reach their technical limits. Long-chipping materials... Read more

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