Mastering processes: grooving

When Paul Horn introduced the type 312 indexable insert to the public in 1972, it was a small revolution in the grooving process. Horn was the first manufacturer ever to develop a tool system with a vertically mounted, three edged carbide insert for grooving. Today, the grooving... Read more

Supermini Set

Paul Horn GmbH now offers users its proven Supermini tool holder system with face clamping as a set, thereby responding to customer requests for different tooling system heights. The new Supermini Set will be presented for the first time at AMB 2022 in Stuttgart in Hall 1, Stand 1J10.... Read more

New carbide grades for system DAH8

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding the range of carbide grades for the DAH milling system to enable its use for machining a wider range of materials. The new grades SC6A and IG6B complement the tool system for high feed milling and will be shown for the first time at AMB 2022 in Stuttgart in... Read more

Horn apprentice is German champion in CNC milling

Tom Schmid, an apprentice at Paul Horn GmbH, is the German CNC milling champion. He prevailed over 13 participants in the final round at the beginning of June. The award ceremony took place on 23rd June. The German championship was organised by WorldSkills Germany e.V., a German... Read more

Mastering processes: all-rounders for milling

Groove milling, parting off and gear cutting: these are just three processes that the Horn circular interpolation milling system accomplishes productively. As a true all-rounder, the extensive tool portfolio of this tool system tackles several other milling tasks as well. It can be... Read more

Intelligent turning and drilling

As Boehlerit's sales partner for the German market, Paul Horn GmbH is delighted to present the new Quattrotec tool system. Read more

Cubic boron nitride for tough cases

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding its tool portfolio for machining hard materials and other steels. Read more

PCD drilling tools for non-ferrous metals

Paul Horn GmbH presents its expanded portfolio of tools with cutting edges tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD). Following on from PCD parting-off tools, Horn also offers users PCD-tipped step drills. The tool system allows greater drilling precision and better surface quality... Read more

Mastering processes: High-polish machining

Mirror-finish surfaces and roughness to within nanometres. These are properties that can only be achieved with the process of ultra-precision machining or high-polish machining. Using the right precision tool with the appropriate grade ensures the perfect result. The surface produced... Read more

Mastering processes: Mould milling at the limit

"Every block of stone contains a sculpture and it is the sculptor's job to discover it," the famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo once said. If the artist had traded in his hammer and chisel for today's modern five-axis machining centres and precision tools, we would be able to... Read more

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